Tiled Concrete

Project Specs:

Finish: Level 1, 400-grit
Size: 1,533 sq. ft.
Color: Cola 1:3, Coffee Brown 1:3, Black 1:3

This residential project took our team north to Jonesville, Michigan for a 6-day polishing job. The concrete at this private residence was bare, but the walls were already finished and painted. Day one consisted of traveling to Jonesville, unloaded and setting up and prepping the space with 24″ plastic and tape around the entire work area. This polish included a three-color stain application so it was imperetive that we took the time to tape and plastic and make sure the walls were properly protected.

By day two we were ready to apply the reactive stain. The homeowners selected a combination of Cola, Coffee Brown and Black. This combo created a lot of movement and warmth to the floor. We chose to let the stain sit overnight before rinsing the following day and heading back to Fort Wayne.

Day four saw us back at it with a unique aspect to this particular job – cutting a tile pattern into the concrete floor. This creates the look of tile with the longevity and durability of a concrete floor. The tile pattern was cut along with a 10″ border around the room. The cuts were only 1/16″ deep since it took place after staining.

After the cuts were made it was time to fully protect the floor. We densified the floor and then applied two coats of RetroGuard to seal the floor. All of the applications we do to the floor are subsurface – meaning that they won’t chip, flake or peel. The final polish brought the floor up to a level one, 400-grit shine. One more clean and burnish and the floor was complete. It looks good and it will last for years to come.