Product Specs:

Color: Green, red and yellow
Size: 2500 sq. ft

Dancer Concrete Design is always willing to work with our clients to ensure that we don’t interrupt production and that we abide by all necessary safety regulations. For this particular project at Thermafiber, our team attended a safety seminar the day before we began installing their epoxy line striping. Thermafiber is also in operation six days a week. We were able to work Saturday night and Sunday in order to complete the project while the business was closed.

Thermafiber was in need of industrial line striping and we were able to offer an epoxy system. Epoxy line striping offers a better performance than aerosol line striping, water-based, and oil-based striping. We had to make sure that the epoxy flooring would cure prior to the start of the next shift. This meant around-the-clock work by our entire team.  Thermafiber wanted their lines in three different colors. The main strip was done in green epoxy with a 6″ yellow border on either side. Fork truck crossings had a red strip with the yellow borders. This made it very clear for employees where to take caution.