The Remodel

On the Southeast side of downtown Fort Wayne, there stand four brick buildings that were once used to unload incoming train cars and bring food into the city. These buildings once served as a key transition in the city’s growth, but as transportation methods adjusted so did the use of these buildings. The spacious footprint, robust construction and favorable location of these buildings drew the attention of several local businesses which now call them home. Through unparalleled design and craftsmanship, one local innovator enhanced those attributes and boosted this cold-storage warehouse into the 21st century by creating this modern flat with the character of years gone by.

Prior to starting this project, the building was vacant and the floors had been exposed to years and years of heavy use. Large openings that peered down into the 1st floor would be formed and poured before we arrived on-site. The surface pitted and crumbling in areas looked more like the crater of the moon that a surface that could be polished.

We are often brought on-site to see if polishing is even an option – and typically, much like in this case, we see a ‘diamond in the rough’. It’s these projects that play well to the strengths of our team: patience, high attention to detail and appreciation for great design. With a few extra steps to harden the slab prior to grinding and a cement-based grout coat, along with our normal StrongTread polishing process, our team was able to deliver a smooth, polished concrete floor that embarks on a new life for many years to come as the main flooring surface through this entire home.

Construction Team: SMart Build & Kelty Tappy Design


  • Location: Downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana
  • System: StrongTread Polished Concrete – The Remodel
    • Class C Stone – Random / Level 0 – Matte Finish
  • Color: Natural
  • Size: 2,500 SF