The Chapel

The Chapel, a non-denominational Christian church in Southwest Fort Wayne, needed a new flooring option for their youth multi-purpose area. The area itself included a large hallway that fed into the gymnasium and the large multi-purpose room. The room was previously covered with carpet and VCT tile. Dancer Concrete Design removed both of these floor coverings, as well as the glue that was left behind. Then we were able to start the polishing process.

The Chapel went with a polished concrete floor for its durability and looks. This area of the church sees a lot of traffic and the polished concrete will be able to withstand constant use. In addition to polishing the floor, a reactive stain was chosen to add some color to the space. Reactive stain is often chosen for its marbleizing effect and the wide range of color options it can produce. Dancer Concrete Design used a dilution of black, which actually creates a lot of different brown tones that blend well in a neutral space. This allows other pops of color to be brought into the space through furniture and other design. To complete the floor, we polished it to a 200-grit, or matte finish. There was a lot of lighting already in the space and the matte finish provides a soft feel for the room.

System: StrongTread Polish (System in photos)

Finish: Matte, 200

Color: Black (dilution)