Ted’s Market Wine Bar

Project Specs:

System: Metallic Epoxy
Finish: Gloss
Color: Dusk
Size: 1,793 sq ft

Most of our clients have heard of a full broadcast (chip) epoxy floor system, as well as the smooth epoxy system. A newer flooring option is a metallic floor coating. Metallic floor coatings use metallic pigments held in a suspension of resins to create a truly one-of-a-kind floor. Various colors and application techniques can be used to finish this floor that give it an even different look.

Ted’s Market was turning an old church building into their market. For their wine bar area in the basement they wanted a floor that would be able to withstand a lot of traffic, but one that would also look really cool! Metallic epoxy did the trick. The concrete was a mixture of old and new and the metallic coating would cover the different looks of the actual concrete, but maintain the strength and durability. The install process is the same as any other epoxy installation. We start with a primer and base coat (in this case, the base coat was black in color). For a metallic epoxy system we put down a black primer and let that cure. The metallic pigment is added to the UV topcoat – it’s a thicker coating than a normal topcoat which suspends the metallic pigment. The dusk metallic pigment is what adds the extra shine and shimmery feel to their floor.