Staining Concrete

Sometimes when removing carpet from a basement floor, you find concrete that is in great shape. It can be changed into a finished surface in just a couple of days with a little attention. Other times, you find concrete that has been painted several times, has holes from carpet tack strips, and is in need of some TLC.

On a project that needs that special attention, we are able to turn it into a surface that draws the attention of guests and ends up as a conversation piece. This project was transformed in just over a week. The floor also features a design that catches your eye, breaks up the space, and welcomes you into a great looking basement.

How it Happens: The Steps to Transform the Floor

We started by using a soy-based product to remove the paint from the concrete. The product we used has no harmful odors and works by breaking the bond between the concrete and paint. It then encapsulates the paint in the matrix of the product which then can be easily scraped up and disposed of.

The next step was to clean the concrete with automatic scrubbers and specialty chemicals until the concrete was porous and would accept concrete stain. The 10’’ border was then tapped off and a thin (1/16’’) overlay was applied to fix the tack strip holes and add visual interest in the room. The bathroom and walk-in closet also received an overlay to the entire surface. We then laid out the design with pencil, cut the design into the floor, and filled the new cuts with a colored urethane fill.

Then, two coats of concrete stain were applied to the floor. We can’t simply stain the concrete and walk away. The final process includes using our high-performance concrete sealing system. The process involves using a catalyzed primer that penetrates into the porous concrete to limit the moisture emissions of the floor, add color enhancement, and act as “glue” between the concrete and final finish. The final finish is then applied and the shine begins to show. This water-based system works excellent inside the home with very little odor when applied and little maintenance to keep looking like new.

System: SealCraft

Colors: Kona Brown, Weathered Bronze, Taupe, and Cordovan Leather