Small Space Polish

Project Specs:

Finish: Level 1, 400-grit
Size: 685 sq. ft.
Color: Gray 1:1

Dancer Concrete Design has done very small spaces up to 10,000+ sq. ft. We are able to adapt to different spaces, concrete conditions, and client requests. Part of Dancer Concrete Design’s task for this particular private residence was removing the current floor and trim work and prepping the area for stain and polishing. The space was smaller with tight areas and quite a few obstacles to work around and included a kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom and closet. To get into those tight spaces, we used two hand grinders, 5″ and 7″, as well as the Lavina 20″ polishing machine.

Another unique aspect to this floor was that it was integrally color red. Once we started polishing we made a sample and used gray dyes over the red until we reached the look the clients desired. Overall, they wanted a gray stained floor and a deep aggregate exposure in bathroom.

Once the small spaces had been taken care of, the project went according to our normal plan. We began by prepping the floor and doing a 200R pass. We then applied the dye to the desired look, made sure the bathroom had the deep aggregate exposure the client was looking for and then began the final polish to a 400-grit, level one shine. As with the majority of Dancer Concrete Design’s jobs, we finished with a final guard and burnish. The client’s were very pleased with the overall look, and they have a truly unique, one-of-a-kind design in their home.