Project Specs:

Color: Medium gray
Size: 1000 sq. ft.

At Dancer Concrete Design, we see concrete of all ages and in different conditions. For this project, the concrete was poured in 1965, covered with two coats of paint, and had pitting and cracks. While the concrete had seen its fair share of use and wear, it was structurally sound and just needed a new look.

The client chose to go with a quartz sand floor with epoxy sealer. This was a four step process that started with a moisture blocking primer (to prevent peeling), 100% solid epoxy coat, quartz sand broadcast which created the mountain sage color, and a topcoat. This slip resistant floor is perfect for the 3-car garage and we were able to take the epoxy up onto the foundation and steps to create one solid look. The topcoat provides a durable, scratch resistant and stain resistant finish that will keep the 50-year-old floor looking like new.