Purity Cylinder

Project Specs:

System: Polish
Finish: 400-grit, level 1
Color: Warm Stone for control joints

With a polished concrete floor, Dancer Concrete Design uses the existing concrete surface to create a beautiful floor with great clarity and shine. Polished concrete floors are the most environmentally responsible flooring option and require very little maintenance to keep looking great.

The entire process includes diamond grinding, honing, and polishing passes to turn an existing concrete floor into a durable and highly reflective floor. Purity Cylinder chose to have the floor finished to a 400-grit, level one shine. This finish leaves the floor with a satin look. Polished concrete floors also lend themselves to being colored – either with reactive stain, or penetrating dye. Purity Cylinder, however, selected to have the concrete remain its natural color. We filled the control joints with a warm stone color to create a smooth look across the entire floor but left the concrete in its natural state.

To protect the concrete further, we densified and added one coat of a sealing guard to the floor. The final burnish seals the floor completely. It won’t scratch, or wear down, with heavy traffic and will be easy to maintain for years to come.