Private Client

System: Full Polish with custom design
Finish: Level 1, 400-grit
Color: 1:4 Black on the entire floor, and then another coat of 1:4 in designs
Size: around 10,000 sq. ft.

A private commercial client wanted a custom design cut and dyed in the concrete floor in their display room. The team really enjoys these kinds of projects because it showcases just how design and durability can go together with a polished concrete floor. The first week on the job we spent leveling columns, joint filling and adding the decorative scoring to the floor. We cut the design ¾” deep and then placed backer rod so the final joint depth was ½”. Cuts and control joints were filled with Black Fox polyurea joint filler before we began the grind and polishing process.

The second week was spent polishing and staining the floor. We used our 32” Lavina polishing machine for this floor and did a number of passes to bring the floor to a 200-grit matte level. To color the floor we used a ratio of 1:4 black penetrating dye and dyed the entire floor. We then rinse the floor and began to tape off the design for the second pass of color. We put down plastic and securely taped the edges of the design based on the decorative scoring we had done the week before. We then applied a second coat of dye. The areas not covered by plastic took a deeper color, which was the intended outcome. The final polish and finish (level one, 400-grit) really finished off the space and highlighted the unique design.