Oh, Deer!

Project Specs:

Finish: Level 1 – 400 grit
Color: Mixture of brown and black reactive stain
Size: 942 sq ft.

New construction and concrete create a lot of possibilities when it comes to staining and designing a floor. If we are able to work with a builder before concrete is poured we can coordinate efforts so that there aren’t any additives that can react negatively with the stain. This particular project was a new construction basement. The homeowners came to us with the idea of a custom logo stained a darker shade than the rest of the floor.

We began the process by protecting the walls with plastic sheeting and tape and making sure the floor was free of any debris. After several initial grinding passes, we applied a reactive acid concrete stain in a mixture of brown and black. The final color created a very warm bronze tone and provided a great base for the logo. On the third day of the project we put down the logo (making sure to protect the surrounding floor) and applied the black stain. We continued to polish the floor to a level 1, 400-grit shine.

Each flooring system comes with a number of options that the homeowner can select. For this project, the homeowners chose to have the floor densified, as well as a final guard and burnish. They wanted the control joints filled with a medium bronze filler. This gave the floor one consistent smooth surface. And in four days, the floor went from plain concrete to a great feature for the basement and the home.