Recently my (Nick Dancer) family and I took a trip to New Buffalo, Michigan, a favorite spot that’s close enough to make a day trip from Fort Wayne, or stay the night and make a mini-vacation of it.

While in the area, I was reminded of how many projects we have done in the area. One of the first ones was this modern home located a few miles out of town.

The home tucked away down a winding stone path from the road, cannot be seen until you drive through a line of trees and open into a clearing. It feels like a little architectural treat to find such a unique and modern home out in a rural area, populated with farms.

The home was designed and features an expanse of glass and concrete. The floors, original to the home, were sealed as part of the concrete pouring process but lacked the luster, and cleanability, offered with a polished concrete floor.
The owners appreciated the concrete for its inherent character and wanted to finish in a way that it would maintain the ‘cap or cream’ of the pour.

Our StrongTread Modern Polished Concrete System did just that by only polishing the top of the surface with no aggressive stock removal from the surface.

The final finish was a subtle sheen that won’t overpower the space when the sun pours in and maintain a level of softness for such a durable floor.


  • Private Residence: work completed in 2013
  • Location: New Buffalo, Michigan
  • Color: Natural
  • System: StrongTread Polished Concrete Floor
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