Project Specs

Color: Dark Gray with chip #13-1568
Size: 1,640 sq. ft.

Dancer Concrete Design doesn’t only complete work for clients in Fort Wayne, we also travel to Ohio, Indianapolis and in this case, Sturgis, Michigan to the Morgan Olson headquarters. Morgan Olson manufactures some of the most widely-used, walk-in vans and cargo vehicles. Their vehicles are used for for two of the largest shipping companies in the US; FedEx and UPS. Morgan Olson came to Dancer Concrete Design because they wanted a nice showroom and conference room to showcase their vehicles to the executives of the major shipping companies.

When Dancer Concrete Design arrived in Michigan, we first had to address the issue of the current floor.  Sometimes the conditions of the floor remains a mystery until we get to work.  At Morgan Olson there was an existing quartz floor system that needed to be removed, control joints that had to be repaired and then filled, and the potential for cracks that would need some work. Making sure the concrete is prepped correctly is crucial for installing long-lasting floors that meet our decade promise.

Our first two days in Sturgis were spent prepping and priming the floor. We then applied our epoxy chip system. This included a dark gray basecoat and chips that were broadcast into the surface for slip-resistance and for their visual appeal. The topcoat was then added to protect the epoxy from yellowing overtime from UV rays. To complete the job, Morgan Olson wanted a vinyl cove (trim) added around the perimeter. Through detailed work, and careful prepping, Dancer Concrete Design was able to give Morgan Olson a floor that will withstand the use of their vehicles and enhance their showroom as a whole.