Project Specs:

System: Solid Epoxy Coating
Color: Medium Gray
Size: 6,636 sq ft

This manufacturer located in Grabill, Indiana was looking to create a better-built environment for their people and for visitors coming through their facility. One of the obstacles to creating a cleaner and more sustainable space was the floor. A mixture or older, worn concrete and peeling epoxy made the interior space feel dated, worn, and hard to clean.  A seamless epoxy was chosen for its stain resistance, clean look, and ability to mask all of the repairs and damage to the underlying concrete.

Our Process

After a complete surface prep to remove all old coatings and prepare the surface, patching and repairs had to be done to the concrete before the coating process could begin. A solid epoxy coating with urethane topcoat was chosen for its supreme durability, safety (slip resistance), and seamlessness. An aluminum oxide additive was incorporated into the final urethane for a more satin sheen and even better traction against slips and falls.


Meet Our Team
Solid Color Epoxy Guide

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