Knippen Chrysler Jeep Dodge

Project Specs:

Color: Medium gray with a mixture of BX 500 and BX 515 chips
Size: 958 sq. ft.

Knippen Chrysler Jeep Dodge, located in Delphos, Ohio, asked Dancer Concrete Design to install an epoxy floor in a showroom they were renovating after floor damage. But the floor needed some prep work done before the epoxy could be applied.

Our team spent the first day prepping the floor, and a new ramp area, by filling control joints, installing concrete screws into the surface to grip the leveling compound, and patching a couple of different areas. The new ramp area was installed with rapid set cement. A small overall incline of 2″ was added to keep water out if the creek next to the business floods again.

The second day we continued with prep work to ensure that the installation of the full broadcast epoxy floor would go smoothly. Patched areas were gone over to remove any trowel marks and the floor was primed.

On the final day of work the actual installment of basecoat epoxy and chips was done. The basecoat was medium gray epoxy and a combination of chip blends was used for Knippen Chrysler‘s floor. Once the chips have been applied we go through and scrape off any excess chips. When the topcoat is applied it goes on smoothly and creates the slip-resistant flooringing without any flaking of chips, or peeling in general. Knippen Chrysler selected an ultra UV top coat to protect the floor from the sun shining into the showroom windows.

After letting the floor cure for 2 day, Knippen Chrysler was able to park vehicles in their showroom. The floor will withstand years of vehicle and foot traffic and creates a finished look in the space.