Project Specs

Base Coat Color: Medium Gray
Chip Color: combination of blue, gray, white and black
Size: 1292 sq. ft.

Garage floors take a beating during the year. From snow and slush runoff to leaked fluid from vehicles to bright sunlight during the summer. All the liquids and runoff can also cause the concrete floor to be slippery and dangerous. This was the case with our client’s garage. This 1000 square foot garage was cracked and worn and they needed a durable, slip resistant surface that would stand up to the wear and tear of everyday use.

To address their issues, we installed an Epoxy Polyurea Hybrid Floor. Starting with grinding and shotblasting we were able to remove all surface contamination and apply an epoxy coating. We also included a moisture vapor lock system that will keep the epoxy from peeling over time – a common issue with store bought epoxy kits. The floor was finished with 100% vinyl chip system and a polyurea top coat. The topcoat provides the UV protection and prevents yellowing. This allowed us to bring the epoxy outside of the garage to create a seamless entry.