Garage Polish

Project Specs:

System: Full polish
Color: Black
Finish: 800-grit, level 2

The team traveled to Geneva, Indiana, to complete this four-day polishing job. This particular job involved a large garage that was going to be dyed and polished. We began by filling control joints to keep the joints in optimal conditional through the polishing process and to develop a more finished look upon completion.

Days two and three consisted of grinding and polishing the floor to a 200-grit, matte finish. After the 200-grit pass, we then applied the penetrating dye. The homeowners selected black for their garage floor, which provide a lot of depth and a deep shine when fully polished. After the dye is applied and then rinsed, we go back through and densify the concrete. This concrete densification and sealing process creates a sealed, hardened and dust-proofed surface. It also imparts a beautiful, lasting gloss. The seal protects the floor from staining and prevents dusting, while hardening the floor increased abrasion resistance by 400%. The final day on the job is for bringing the floor up to an 800-grit, level 2 shine. This is a reflective surface that has a high sheen.