First United Methodist Church

First United Methodist Church of Van Wert, Ohio had a popular, basement, multi-purpose space that needed a long-lasting and versatile flooring solution. They needed something that would brighten up the space and be attractive for many years to come. Our epoxy chip system was able to meet their needs. The color of the epoxy base and the chip blend are picked based on your style and needs. The epoxy system also offers additional options based on your needs and the needs of the space. 

This multi-purpose room needed a moisture blocking primer. This keeps the epoxy from peeling away from the concrete. This space also sees a lot of sunlight, which makes it welcoming and bright. It also exposes the epoxy to a lot of UV light. Standard epoxy can yellow with UV exposure. We installed a UV stable polyurea topcoat in this space, which prevents yellowing and makes a stronger floor. These choices have made this basement multi-purpose room cheery and bright for years to come.

System: TreadWell Decorative Chip with moisture blocking primer and polyurea topcoat.