Project Specs:

Color: Crabby Apple, Earthen Jug, Familiar Beige, Sable

The reasons that stained concrete is chosen as a finished flooring material are also the reasons that others stray away from it. Stained concrete floors will not hide surface blemishes, patching compounds or other marks that were left in the original concrete. These characteristics are usually seen as ideal, but when consistent and opaque color is desired an epoxy floor is the best solution.

On this particular basement project we cleaned and prepared the floor and cut in the desired designs. We applied a water-based primer and two coats of epoxy with very specific colors. The colors for this floor were chosen from Sherwin Williams color swatches of Crabby Apple, Earthen Jug, Toasty, Familiar Beige and Sable. Colors for smooth epoxy and chip epoxy are practically limitless. We finished the floor with a urethane topcoat to further protect it. The cuts that were put into the floor to define the design were also filled in with a dark brown filler to create sharp lines and give the floor a seamless feel. An interior cement overlay was applied as a 10’’ border to fill in holes left by tack strips from previous carpeting. The floor will last many years with minimal maintenance and ads a great artistic element in the space.