Decorative Epoxy

Epoxy floors can come in unlimited color options and offer an opaque, even color. Which is what the homeowners were looking for in their basement space. They picked 5 coordinating colors and created an artistic element within the space. It provides visual interest and distinction between different sections of the basement. A 10” cement overlay was installed as a border to fill in holes left from the carpeting. The designs were cut into the concrete, to create clean lines between the colors. After the epoxy was installed, the cuts were filled with a dark brown filler to create sharp lines.

This flooring solution requires minimal maintenance to look great for years to come.

System: TreadWell Color+ with a 10” cement overlay border

Finish: High Wear Urethane

Color: Crabby Apple, Earthen Jug, Toasty, Familiar Beige, and Sable