Project Specs:

Finish: Level 2, 800-grit finish
Color: Burnt sienna
Size: 4200 sq. ft.


Dancer Concrete Design traveled north of Fort Wayne to Auburn, Indiana to install a polished and stained concrete floor at Dayspring Community Church. The church has a very modern design and the sealed concrete floor, that had been previsously installed, marked up very easily and was hard to clean. In addition, it didn’t match the design of their new building.

By staining and polishing the concrete we were able to give them a surface that is long-lasting, easy to maintain, extremely strong, and provides some additional color in the space. The floor was finished with a light coat of burnt sienna stain and polished to a Level 2, 800-grit finish. The control joints were also filled for a more complete look and to keep dirt from getting into those spaces. This modern floor now matches the modern style of the church.