Custom Concrete

Concrete has many, many possibilities: when poured it can be molded into any shape imaginable; it can be colored with pigments, stains and/or dyes; and is also a choice for flooring with homeowners wanting custom designs only available with concrete. Concrete floors have unlimited possibilities and create opportunities for individuals and businesses to express themselves even further by allowing a logo or their own unique design to be created into a concrete surface. Logos can take many shapes, forms and sizes, are there are various ways to fabricate a design into a concrete floor.

Logos can be created in concrete freehand with stains or dyes, cut into the concrete surface with a concrete blade, engraved into the concrete surface, or applied underneath a high-build floor coating such as a clear epoxy.

To install this custom “W” logo we decided that a polymer-modified cement overlay would be installed over the existing concrete. The choice of overlay was a slate texture that adds visual interest to the space with highs and lows of color and texture. To create the logo we used a projector to project the “W” onto a piece of cardboard. We then traced the pattern and cut it out with an exacto knife. After we created the cardboard cut-out we placed it on the surface and traced the pattern. The outline was then taped out with ¼’’ fiber tape and then the second coat of overlay was installed. After peeling up the tape the outline of the “W” became apparent in the concrete surface. We then stained the entire concrete floor and then applied a Mocha Brown concrete dye to bring the design out from the rest of the floor. This simple design makes a big impact on the entryway and adds a custom touch to this project.

System: DCD Overlay

Color: Mocha Brown