Cement overlays are applied to old concrete surfaces to enhance the look and performance of indoor and outdoor concrete alike. Overlays can be applied to concrete to fix pitting or uneven surfaces and make an old concrete floor look new again without demolition.

In November of 2009, we were contracted to complete a stained concrete floor in Lima, Ohio. The floor was in pretty good shape; it was fairly new, it had no cracks and the surface was even. The one problem was the floor contained black marks from an improper finishing technique when the floor was poured 4 years prior. Since concrete stains are transparent, the marks would have easily shown through and created an unsatisfactory finish. A white concrete overlay was applied to the surface to cover up the errors in the existing floor and create a new canvas for staining. The overlay was able to be applied at only a thickness of 3/32’. After the overlay was applied, the floor was stained with a mixture of two colors and sealed to protect the concrete. This floor solution allowed the homeowners to have the stained concrete they desired without any imperfections showing through.