Project Specs:

Color: Solid Gray
Size: 2993 sq. ft.

Epoxy works great when a client needs a solution for floor performance rather than a decorative flooring solution. Breyden Products, a leading manufacturer of military-specification lacing tapes, twines and cords, chose epoxy for exactly this reason. In this case, epoxy will serve more of a purpose to protect the concrete from oil rather than having a decorative appeal. In addition, sunlight will never hit this section of floor and most of this area is to be covered with machinery. Having a durable surface is more important that having a decorative finish.

In order to install this flooring system, we first had to mechanically remove the current surface of the concrete by grinding. This process uses our grinder to remove the surface layer of cement, paint, or other contaminants from the concrete. This process prepares the concrete for epoxy penetration. Once the surface has been prepared we apply the base coat, in this case 100% solid epoxy in a gray color to match the existing flooring. After the topcoat was applied we cast aggregate into it for ultimate slip resistance.