Project Specs:

Finish Level: Level 1 – 400 Grit Finish
Color: Exposed Aggregate with RetroGuard(TM) sealer
Size: 1200 sq. ft.

New construction opens a wide array of options when it comes to selecting finishes. For this particular client, they wanted a durable floor that was also aesthetically pleasing to complete their basement. Since there was no topical sealer on the new concrete, a polished flooring system was selected.

The basement itself was a little over 1200 square feet and featured a game room, main living area, bedrooms, bathrooms and a kitchen. All of the flooring was to be polished to a level 400 shine and finished with a densifier and stain guarding product. Polished concrete is the most durable flooring choice. It allows the concrete to breathe below grade, creates movement and character throughout the space and is very easy to maintain. With a pond out back, a polished concrete floor is easy to clean and will be able to withstand high traffic.

Kathy, the owner, had this to say: “My family and I couldn’t be more thrilled with our new concrete floor from Dancer Concrete. Nick and his team were responsive, knowledgeable and courteous.  Guests to our home consistently comment on the practicality and natural beauty of our floor. From Nick’s first visit to our building site to walk through our options and provide an estimate, to the genuine, hand written thank you note we received once the project was completed – we were more than 100% satisfied. Many thanks to Nick and his team!”