Basement Polishing

This private residence in Plymouth, Indiana had a worn and cracked concrete basement floor that had previously been covered with carpet. When selecting finishes for the basement remodel, the homeowners chose to go with a polished concrete floor.

Dancer Concrete Design first needed to address the existing issues with the concrete: cracks. We filled the cracks with a product called Clay Bar and used Rapid Refloor for patching. We then began the process of grinding the concrete and polishing. The homeowners went with a natural concrete option in which we polish to a cream finish with light sand exposure. This gives the concrete a soft look and no harsh glares or shine. To complete the floor we polished to a 200-grit finish and applied a sealer of Retroguard in order to protect the floor.

System: StrongTread Polish

Finish: 200-grit, satin finish

Color: Natural Concrete