Changing the color of a concrete floor is a great option to change the overall look of a space. This can be done with dyes or stains.

Dyes have an even appearance. They keep a consistent color over the area they are applied. Dyes come in a wide variety of colorways, from deviations of gray to deep blues.

Stains create movement on a floor, giving it a marbled effect. Each stained floor is unique.

Click HERE for color charts.

Penetrating Dyes

Dyes offer a consistent, color-matched look for internal concrete floor projects. They work by depositing a coloring in the existing pores of the slab. Much like a wood stain soaks into wood, dyes soak into a concrete surface. This is done about 3/4 of the way through.

Click HERE for color charts.

Dyed Logos

Dyes are a great way to add a long-lasting logo to a floor. This is a great option for sports teams (and fans), businesses, restaurants, schools, and any space that needs something a bit extra.



Elida Logo

Elida High School


Line Striping

Roanoke Elementary School. Custom line.

Reactive Stains

Stains offer a marbled effect on the floor, with movement as the color intensity changes over the space. Every stained floor is unique as acidic salts react with the surface to create natural movement + coloring.

Color will be lighter near saw cuts and joints.

Click HERE for color charts.





Private Barn

Dyed + Stained concrete floors make a lasting impression on any space.

Our Project Leaders can help you find the polished concrete options for your floor.

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