Cozy with Concrete

Cold Weather Concrete Pouring for Polished Floors

By nick | Dec 19, 2017

As winter approaches, construction continues. Projects even with the best intentions of ‘getting closed up’ before winter sometimes still need concrete poured for floors that will be polished. When pouring concrete in freezing type conditions it’s important to keep them warm enough to allow the curing process to continue. Why does concrete need a blanket? […]

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The Modern Office

By nick | Oct 18, 2017

The way we work is changing how office spaces are designed. It seems that offices are being design to be more open to be more collaborative, more transparent, and feeling more like a place to hang out, than just work. Gone are the days of cloth cubicles and carpet installed from wall to wall. Now […]

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Get a GRIP on it!

By nick | Sep 19, 2017

One of the biggest concerns of our clients is a slip-resistant surface.  When we use urethane for the flooring treatment, there are several options available to create a slip-resistant finish.  The information below is for smooth coatings such as a clear urethane sealer or a tinted urethane sealer as part of an epoxy floor coating. […]

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Polished Concrete in Commercial Bathrooms

By nick | Aug 23, 2017

Authentic polished concrete is known for its long term durability and is a popular choice in high-traffic consumer areas such as corridors, multi-purpose spaces and retail. Its durability lies in the inherent strength of the concrete as a building material plus a refined surface through mechanical polishing and an application of a sealing system. Polished […]

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By alexis | May 4, 2017

By Abigail Reuille  When thinking about starting your upcoming flooring project, the first logical step is to gather a few different quotes from a few different companies. This allows you to understand your project more thoroughly, feel out the professionalism of each company, and to determine which numbers will work with your budget. We agree […]

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By alexis | Apr 11, 2017

By Nick Dancer and Abigail Reuille What are control joints? How/with what do we fill them and why? These are common questions when starting your concrete flooring project, whether it be concrete polishing or epoxy floor coatings. First, control joints (sometimes called “contraction joints”) are planned, cut lines in the concrete that are cut soon […]

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By alexis | Apr 6, 2017

By Nick Dancer and Abigail Reuille When considering polished concrete or epoxy floor coatings as a flooring solution, clients may be concerned about the mess that may be left behind. This is a valid concern since clouds of dust commonly come to mind when thinking of concrete projects. The dust created through preparing, cutting and […]

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By alexis | Mar 23, 2017
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Polished Concrete Slip Resistance

By alexis | Mar 9, 2017

By Nick Dancer and Abigail Reuille Polished concrete flooring looks beautiful in interior settings, is extremely durable, and is fully customizable. Although there are obvious benefits of polished concrete, a common concern about the flooring solution is the slip resistance – or perceived lack thereof. It is important to remember that while polished concrete is shiny, […]

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