Cozy with Concrete

It’s Always Been There.

By Nicholas Dancer | Oct 15, 2019

Years ago, we purchased a type of tooling called ‘Fenix Pads.’ These Fenix Pads cost our company a pretty penny, valued at around $600. At the time, we had hoped that they would be our solution for a custom overlay-type project. However, things didn’t …

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Doing Best Work.

By Nicholas Dancer | Sep 10, 2019

BE. Best Work.Why We Don’t Always Do Our Best.BE. Best Work.Most companies talk about doing quality work and want to do it. Our business is the same; we set an intention, plan, and expect to do our best work. Unfortunately, we don’t always reach these …

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StrongTread Polished Concrete Flooring – Remodel System

By tommy | Sep 10, 2019

It is a common expression around here, but “PERFECTLY IMPERFECT” is the best way we know how to describe and capture the art and science of polished concrete. Found at the intersection of aesthetics, durability and practicality, polished concrete is gaining traction as the ultimate flooring solution especially in remodels. Our StrongTread Remodel system has […]

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StrongTread Concrete Polishing – Essential System

By nick | Jun 10, 2019

Our StrongTread Essential System is a popular choice for its affordability to polish a new concrete floor. The mix of hybrid polishing steps provides a smooth finish that offers a mix of concrete aggregate exposure of Class A (cream) and Class B (light salt and pepper). There will be some inevitable inconsistencies on this floor […]

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When Should Concrete Polishing Take Place?

By nick | May 29, 2019

One of the most difficult parts of construction, and what’s separate the ok and the great general contractors is their ability to run a schedule for a project. In our experience, the best GC’s pick their sub-contractors at the beginning, make a schedule, and keep everyone updated through regular project meetings.  One of the most […]

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Polished Concrete Floor Process

By nick | May 21, 2019

  Many times we are told by clients, “I can’t believe how many steps there are to the concrete polishing process.” This video was done at The Summit in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The video captures some of the steps used to process a floor from being covered with carpet to a fully polished concrete floor. […]

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Leading Before You Are Ready.

By nick | May 15, 2019

It felt like spring. One of those first days I noticed the sounds of birds, and the sun had already lit up the sky by 7 am. Instead of driving the boys to the bus stop like I had done all winter, I decided based on the warm air to little boy energy ratio, it […]

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Our New Building

By nick | May 7, 2019

Since a building fire in October of 2017, we have felt in limbo for where we would settle down in a new shop and office. We looked at buying a building we were leasing, but when that fell through we started the design process for a new build and bought some land. A Few Week’s […]

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Joints in Polished Concrete Floors

By nick | May 6, 2019

Our work in polishing and staining concrete floors, puts us in the role of working with someone else’s crafted surface, a poured concrete floor. The concrete company has come and gone; they have done their work and during the finishing parts of a project it’s now our turn to go to work. Much like there […]

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