Northrop High School

nick | Mar 2, 2020
Text by: Kathleen Welling Pictures by: ArtC, Alexis Dancer THE WHY  Schools play a crucial role in shaping and perpetuating community development. The strength of our schools determines the... Read More

Not My Way.

Nicholas Dancer | Dec 9, 2019
Being open to a better way to do things.Grapes ….ON the vine.We were having friends over for lunch when Josh asked how he could help. The grapes were still in their store... Read More

Faking a British Accent for Attention.

Nicholas Dancer | Dec 2, 2019
A google image from the search…’Handsome British Actors’. Congrats to this guy.We had not had a regular family bedtime for the last six nights. Some out of town travel, firework... Read More

Take The Time to Make Better Coffee.

Nicholas Dancer | Nov 26, 2019
Office Coffee — Dancer Concrete Design. I drank this while posting this ;)I often joke that if you come to my house or if I invite you as a guest to our... Read More

Impact Over Comfort.

Nicholas Dancer | Nov 18, 2019
Image from somewhere online where I screenshot’d it.One night, my wife Alexis made a stop to get cinnamon rolls for the next morning. Our curious boys are always wondering... Read More


Nicholas Dancer | Nov 8, 2019
Sacral Chakra Opening. Alexis Dancer, ArtCI want it.Not just a bit,not afraid to admit,something is brewing inside of me.Directed one way, I’m labeled as a misfit.People around me asking “You want a hit?”Another way my life... Read More

StrongTread ‘Modern’ Polished Concrete Floor.

nick | Nov 5, 2019
Our ‘Modern’ polishing finish is an architectural favorite for its ability to showcase the craft of cast-in-place concrete. In this installation the surface is minimally honed and polished to... Read More

When Your Friend Dies.

Nicholas Dancer | Nov 2, 2019
Jim Gast.The first time I chatted with my friend Jim, I was in a tough spot. I had just spent over $1,000 in carpet glue stripping products online, and... Read More